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Best Coffee Shops in Penang

Coffee Shops

One of the things that Penang is famous for is its thriving coffee culture. There are some great coffee shops in Penang.

Coffee shops have been popping up all over Penang in recent years, and the coffee scene is constantly evolving. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just someone who enjoys a good cup of joe, Penang has something to offer.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best coffee shops in Penang. So, grab your coffee mug and let’s explore the coffee culture of Penang!


Coffee Lane

Coffee Lane is a small coffee shop located in the heart of Georgetown. It is a great spot for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The shop is cozy and has a relaxed atmosphere, making it a perfect place to unwind.

Their coffee is made from freshly roasted beans sourced from local farms, giving it a unique and rich flavour. They also offer a variety of pastries and light bites to complement your coffee.

Coffee Lane is also known for their latte art, which is a must-see for coffee enthusiasts. The baristas are friendly and knowledgeable and are always happy to recommend a coffee based on your preferences.

If you’re a fan of coffee and want to experience the local coffee culture in Penang, Coffee Lane should definitely be on your list.

Mugshot Cafe

Located in the heart of Georgetown, Mugshot Cafe is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The cafe is well-known for its delicious coffee, made from locally sourced beans, as well as its all-day breakfast menu.

The cafe is situated in a historic building that was once a jail, and the owners have kept some of the original features of the building, including the old jail cells, which have been converted into seating areas.

Mugshot Cafe also has a unique concept where they take a Polaroid picture of their customers and display them on their walls, making it a fun and memorable experience for everyone who visits.

If you’re looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or a hearty breakfast in Georgetown, Mugshot Cafe is definitely worth checking out.

Norm Cafe

Located in the heart of Georgetown, Norm Cafe offers a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with a minimalist design. They serve specialty coffee using locally roasted beans and have a small but unique food menu. Their signature dish is the Norm French Toast, which is highly recommended by customers.

The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating areas, with the outdoor area being a perfect spot for people-watching. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their coffee, and they make sure to provide a personalized experience for each customer.

Norm Cafe is open daily from 8am to 6pm and is located at Lebuh Bishop, Georgetown.

Lighthouse Coffee

Located in the heart of Georgetown, Lighthouse Coffee is a cozy little cafe that offers a great selection of coffee and food. The cafe is decorated with vintage furniture and has a relaxing atmosphere, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends or get some work done.

Their coffee is made with freshly roasted beans and they offer a variety of brewing methods, including pour-over and French press. Their food menu is also worth trying, with options like avocado toast, sandwiches, and cakes.

One of the highlights of Lighthouse Coffee is their latte art, which is beautifully crafted by their skilled baristas. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to attend one of their latte art workshops and learn how to make your own latte art.

Overall, Lighthouse Coffee is a must-visit for coffee lovers who are looking for a cozy and welcoming cafe in Georgetown.

Black Kettle

Located in the heart of Georgetown, Black Kettle is a chic and trendy coffee shop that is popular among locals and tourists alike. The café boasts an industrial interior design that is both stylish and comfortable, with plenty of natural light pouring in from the large windows.

Their coffee menu features a variety of espresso-based drinks, pour-overs, and cold brews, all made from their own blend of coffee beans that are roasted in-house. They also offer a range of non-coffee beverages such as smoothies and juices.

One of the standout dishes at Black Kettle is their croissant, which is flaky and buttery with a crisp exterior and soft interior. It pairs perfectly with their coffee and is a must-try for anyone visiting the café.

Final Thoughts on the best coffee shops

Penang is truly a coffee lover’s paradise, with a wide range of cafes and coffee shops to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to relax with a book or a trendy cafe with great ambiance, Penang has it all. From the bustling streets of Georgetown to the scenic beaches of Batu Ferringhi, you’re sure to find a coffee shop that suits your taste.

While there are some well-known coffee shops in Penang, there are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and explore new neighbourhoods. You never know what amazing coffee shop you may stumble upon.

One great way to discover new coffee shops is to ask locals for recommendations. Strike up a conversation with your hotel staff, taxi driver, or a friendly local you meet at a market. They may have some insider knowledge on the best coffee shops in the area.

Another fun way to discover new coffee shops is to use social media. Follow local coffee shops on Instagram or Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest offerings and events. You can also search for hashtags like #penangcoffee or #coffeeinpennang to find new coffee shops to try.

If you know of any good coffee shops in Penang, drop us a message.

So, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. You may just discover your new favourite coffee shop in Penang.

Note: Some of the info here are derived from AI. As such it may not be 100% accurate but it is always a good idea to do your own due diligence.

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